Dendrochronological Dating and Provenancing of Timbers from the Arade 1 Shipwreck, Portugal

As part of a larger project promoting the development of historical dendrochronology in the Iberian Peninsula, ship-timbers from the Arade 1 wreck (mostly planking and framing elements), stored at the DANS/IGESPAR in Lisbon, were examined. Of these, 52 samples were identified as deciduous oak (Quercus subg. quercus) and two as chestnut (Castanea sativa). Of 24 timbers selected for dendrochronological research, 23 could be dated, placing the origin of the wood in western France and the felling
of trees between AD 1579 and 1583. Their homogeneity suggests they are part of the original construction, which probably took place shortly after AD 1583.
Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Nigel Nayling, Tomasz Wazny, Vanessa Loureiro and Catherine Lavier
The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (2013) 42.1: 118–136

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