ESR15: Ignacio González Espinosa

Ignacio González Espinosa studied History at the University de Sevilla and finished his degree in 2013. He got a Master in Estudios Históricos Avanzados (Historia Moderna) at the same university with a Master thesis titled “Vecinos de origen portugués en Sevilla en el siglo XVII”.

He is currently developing his PhD thesis about the role and integration of the Portuguese community in Spain in the 17th century. The principal aim of his research is the international migrations and networks in the Early Modern Age, mainly between Castile and Portugal, as far as the Atlantic connection with America. As a result of his work in course, he participated in several congress and seminars in both Portugal and Spain. He also published part of the preliminary result of his investigation.
Now he is a fellow in the ForSEA Discovery project under the supervision of the Dra. Rosa Varela Gomes at the University Nova de Lisboa. The role of the Portuguese merchants and the shipbuilder in the economic European systems will be some examples of the topics that he will investigate during his participation in this project.

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