ESR4: Germán Jiménez Montes

Germán Jiménez Montes graduated in History from the University of Seville (2013). In 2012-2013 he studied at the University of Ghent with an Erasmus grant, and he started to study the commercial relations between Seville and Flanders during the Sixteenth Century. In 2014 he finished a Master in Estudios Históricos Avanzados (Historia Moderna) at the University of Seville and took part in several seminars and international conferences.

He dedicated his Master thesis to the aforementioned topic with the dissertation “Mercaderes flamencos en Sevilla durante los inicios de la revuelta neerlandesa (1565-1585)”. This research dealt with the commercial relations between Andalusia and Flanders, and especially between their two economic capitals –Seville and Antwerp- during the second half of the sixteenth century.
His interest in Europe is not only restricted to Early Modern Era; he is member of Eustory and FutureLab, two youth organizations whose aim is to discuss the past, the present and the future of Europe.
The following three years, as a PhD student in the University of Groningen under the supervision of Dr. J. W. Veluwenkamp and Dr. R.M. Esser, he will study the mechanisms of trading and transport of the networks involved in the timber trade, between Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula during the reign of Philip III of Spain.
Career Development Plan
Name of fellow: Germán Jiménez Montes
Department: Early Modern History, University of Groningen
Name of Supervisor: Jan Willem Veluwenkamp

Work Package 1 (WP1): Historical wood supply and dynamic trade networks

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