María Luisa Bas Pardo


Maria Luisa Bas Pardo has a degree in History from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Specialized in Documentation and Content Management, as well as in Development of Databases and Project Management,   she has worked for most of her career in media, mainly at Cadena SER Radio developing a wide information network.

 She has provided services to media companies on radio, press and TV.

She has also worked as General Coordinator in the Congress of Parliamentary in Latin America and Caribbean, organized by United Nations Development Programme, held  in Madrid in  June 2009 and in the Borau Foundation in the design and development of database document management until 2011.

During 2012, she was editor of culture section of “Green is life” magazine. She has worked as documentalist  in some films,  including “The last days of Bette Davis”  premiered at San Sebastián International Film Festival in  September, 2014.

Linked to Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales of CSIC since 2012 this is her third project in the institution. She has worked previously in the projects “Books, archives and libraries in Mesopotamia: editing and cataloging cuneiform tablets of the British Museum (London), Vorderasiatisches Museum and  University Museum (Filadelfia)” and “The labyrinth of Torres strait: a proposal for development of scientific material  for its audiovisual transfer”

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