WP No. Deliverable Participants Date
6 6.1 Project website CSIC February 2014-January 2018
2 2 Thesaurus of shipbuilding construction features with reference to timber characteristics observed in historic written sources and archaeological records completed. UWTSD, UNLA,ArchSL, MALtd November 2015
2 3 Demonstration sites selected, project designs agreed and all permissions for fieldwork obtained. UWTSD, UNLA,ArchSL, MALtd April 2016
1 4 Database of historical information specific areas in Atlantic Iberia where oak and pine wood was logged to supply specific Atlantic Iberian shipyards with timber for shipbuilding from the 16th-18th centuries. CSIC, UL,RUG June 2017
3 5 Establishment of a network of oak and pine tree-ring chronologies for dating and provenancing timber used in ships in the 16th-18th centuries. USC, WU June 2017
3 6 List of anatomical characteristics that allow reliable differentiation among respectively, deciduous oak and pine species and differentiation between stem and branch wood. USC, WU June 2017
3 7 Identification of biomarkers and geochemical tracers for oak and pine species growing in the Iberian Peninsula in areas associate with Early Modern timber production for shipbuilding. USC, UdL June 2017
3 8 Characterization of the geochemical composition of the wood of timber-finds from shipwrecks. USC June 2017
2 9 Data on suspected Iberian shipwreck sites collated and built into GIS-data model. UWTSD, UNLA,ArchSL, MALtd September 2017
1 10 GIS-data model CSIC January 2018
5 11 Final report with project results. All January 2018


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