Ship Shape by Firedbird Films Ltd. (Prof. Nigel Nayling)


Conserving and recreating Newport's medieval Ship

AHRC Film commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Newport Ship discovery.

In 2002 the remains of a medieval ship were discovered during the construction of a theatre and arts centre, on the bank of the river Usk in Newport, South Wales.

Ten years on, The Newport Ship remains the most substantial, and arguably the most important medieval ship found in Britain in modern times. The recovery of the ship in 2002 captured the imagination of Newport and sparked strong local support for its rescue and display, mirrored by widespread academic interest.

An ongoing funding commitment from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in a project led by Nigel Nayling, Associate Professor, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, has been instrumental in the conservation, reconstruction and display of the ship.

In this short film we hear from Nigel Nayling who gives us a history of the ship’s discovery and tells us how AHRC funding is helping Newport unravel the secrets of this mysterious vessel.


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