Complementary Skills

Saturday, 1 February, 2014 to Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

ForSEAdiscovery will provide training in:

a) Task-specific research skills (TSRS)
b) Generic and transferable research skills (GTRS) (e.g. participation in conferences, workshops and meetings at local and network level).

Training events, workshops & conferences (provided during the Project)

1. History of Wooden Shipbuilding (CSIC/TAMU). Training in task- specific research skills (TSRS); imparted by network members; 4 days.

2.  Books and Treatises on Shipbuilding (CSIC /TAMU). Training in TSRS; the course will be imparted by the professor members of the Consortium; 4 days.

3. Network Meeting (CSIC). Training in generic and transferable research skills (GTRS) (e.g. presentation of researchers and detailed working plans); 1 day.

4. Workshop in Communication and Presentation skills (CSIC). Training in GTRS; imparted by CSIC specialists; 2 days.

5. Course in Historiography and archive research (RUG). Training in TSRS; introduction to archives and archival research with hands-on experience; imparted by network members; 3 days.

6. Course in Geographic Information Systems (CSIC). Training in TSRS; introduction to GIS with application to the individual research projects; imparted by the GIS laboratory in CSIC; 5 days.

7. Course in Dendrochronology and wood anatomy (WU). Training in TSRS; preparation and processing of samples, acquisition of tree-ring data, x-dating and interpretation of wood anatomy features; course imparted by network researchers; 3 days.

8. Workshop in Scientific communication and multidisciplinary team-work (WU). Training in GTRS; imparted by WU personnel; 2 days.

9. Network meeting (WU). Training in GTRS (presentation progress reports); 1 day.

10. Course in Dendroarchaeology and provenancing (UWTSD). Training in TSRS; inspection, selection and sampling of archaeological timbers for dendrochronological research; statistical tools for provenancing; imparted by network members; 3 days.

11. Network meeting (UWTSD). Training in GTRS (presentation results, progress reports); 1 day.

12. Workshop in Advanced Team and Project Management (UWTSD). Training in GTRS; imparted by UWTSD personnel; 2 days.

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The ForSEAdiscovery project follows the spirit and the text of the  UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage especially in the matters detailed in its Annex

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