Dr. Aoife Daly

Dr. Aoife Daly

Academic information:

Dr. Aoife Daly freelance consultant (dendro.dk) and research fellow at Statens Museum for Kunst.


Research focus:

From analyses of wood found in historic structures and artworks and on archaeological excavations, I work with questions about timber as a building material, trading commodity, resource (abundant or dwindling) and as an indicator of trade contacts between regions in Northern Europe over the last ca. 2000 years. The precise dating and identification of area of origin that are obtained by these tree-ring analyses, coupled with the find context and usage of the timber (castle, church, ship, barrel, art object, etc.) enables a very nuanced and detailed cultural-historical interpretation. I am a member of the international group Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD), where dendrochronological data is shared and archived, to enable international collaborative research to be carried out, both currently and by future generations of researchers. Collaborators include the National Gallery of Denmark (recently including Bosch-Bruegel project), the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, the University of Southern Denmark (analysis of shipwrecks from Northern Europe), the Norwegian Maritime Museum (including on-going analysis of the ships and structures found at Barcode, Oslo) and Oslo University (non-destructive analysis of wooden objects from the famous Viking ship burials from Oslo Fjord (DendroCT)), to name but a few.



www.dendro.dk and/or http://www.cats-cons.dk/about-cats/partners-collaboration/

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