Historical Cartography

  • Maps  series of six high quality maritime provinces and cartographic detail, designed by the military engineer José Espelius, by the authorities of the Navy (1748-1761) to ensure the supply of wood for shipbuilding, for it is making a forest inventory indicating the number of trees per species, status (new, grown old), including a record of vessels and the state of available personnel for the Navy.

In this image represents Andalusia from Ayamonte to Cabo de Cata, with the provinces of marina: Ayamonte, Sevilla, Segura, San Lucar, Málaga, Motril and Almería.

Digitized Copy by Biblioteca Nacional de España

  • Drake's map of his attack on Cádiz (1587):  Attack in April and May 1587 in the Bay of Cádiz, by the English privateer Francis Drake against the Spanish naval forces assembling at Cádiz. Much of the Spanish fleet was destroyed, and substantial supplies were destroyed or captured. There followed a series of raiding parties against several forts along the Portuguese coast. A Spanish treasure ship, returning from the Indies, was also captured. The damage caused by the English delayed Spanish plans to invade England by more than a year, yet did not dispel them.

Ayuntamiento de San Fernando, Cádiz. (Download JPEG)

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